Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#MTOS - 90s Movies - 8th June 2014

90s Movies

Ah the 90s. There is enough distance at this point I think to look back with a fond yet critical eye. In fact it is starting to feel in distance terms like the 80s did just a few short years ago. The 90s are for me in film terms vital. I turned 15 in 1990 and although I had watched a lot of films I really shouldn’t have before then it was around that time where I got into cinema in a very real way. The next 10 years cemented a love for cinema and the movies that continues to this day. And I want to talk to you, yes YOU about the highs and the lows of that decade.

Starting at 20:00 GMT on the 8th I will ask one question every ten minutes. Include the question number and the #MTOS hashtag in your replies so that others can find your answers. Follow the conversation by searching the hashtag; you'll meet new Twitter film fans, and hopefully we will discover a host of 90s movies you never even knew existed. Be sure to RT any answers you find interesting, and kindly keep it nice and civil at all times.

All that leaves is for you to check out the questions below and prepare your answers for the big day. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@jaycoyle) before Sunday, or you might just miss all the fun!

  1. Obvious 1st question, your favourite film of the 90s and why? #mtos
  2. Millers Crossing, Barton Fink, Hudsucker Proxy, Fargo & Lebowski. Has anyone in the 90s bettered the Coens run? #mtos
  3. What filmmaker had a particularly bad run in the 90s? Did they ever bounce back? #mtos
  4. Which actor or actress defined the 90s for you? Your favourite role of theirs? #mtos
  5. I hate Terminator 2 (hides). With this in mind the best blockbuster of the 90s is __________ #mtos
  6. Quentin Tarantino came to prominence in the 90s. Genius or goat? #mtos
  7. What is your favourite moment or scene in 90s cinema? The one that gives you goosebumps. Link me. #mtos
  8. Let’s expand our collective watchlist. Give me a couple of films from the 90s that you think are underrated and unseen. #mtos
  9. Stanley Kubrick left us in the 90s with the masterpiece that is Eyes Wide Shut. Agree or disagree? #mtos
  10. The ultimate 90s film. Director, actors, score, cinematographer, writer. Go wild! #mtos 

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